Are you 100% happy with how 2014 went for you?

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Abundance Coaching Logo squareScott Epp and Greg Beech are both Master Coach Mentors! They have helped hundreds of people breakthrough in life and they have a combined experience of over 5000 hours of coaching and mentoring!

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Scott Epp or Greg Beech from Abundance Coaching will give you 60 Minutes of their laser focused time!

Click Here to get your 60 Minute New Year Breakthrough Strategy Session for only $19!

Can you believe a new year is only days away? Where did 2014 go?

Maybe you are looking back on 2014 and thinking, “What a great year!” or maybe you are thinking “It’s been a tough year with so many obstacles and I didn’t breakthrough in my life.”  Maybe you started 2014 with the best of intentions but as the year unfolded you somehow lost your way, and are not where you would like to be in your life.

Maybe you a bored with your work and feel like you are stuck in a rut where every day seems the same. Or maybe frustrated in your relationships, and have some stresses dogging you. Maybe you are struggling financially and need a financial break through.

shutterstock_100076102No matter what kind of year you have had you are on the brink of a new year with all its fresh potential for breakthroughs and an amazing life. We all go through cycles where we don’t manage to breakthrough and where we get off track.  But it’s important to understand that no matter where you are in life, no matter how frustrated you are, no matter how miserable you feel, or how stuck you are, things can change for the better.

Why not give yourself a New Year’s present of a breakthrough in your life purpose, blockages and momentum toward the life you want?  Wouldn't it be great if you could set some powerful and achievable goals, build support into your life on your journey and continue to make a significant impact? This is a time for you to put in place a process for you to become the best expression of yourself. It is a time to prepare for a year of breakthroughs.

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You can expect to get 3 main things out of meeting with your coach (Scott Epp or Greg Beech) in this session:

1 – Clarity with where you are at in your life and where you want to go

2 – Commense the process of breaking through your obstacles and challenges

3 – Create a Plan and path for you to achieve your goals and dreams in 2015!

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Click Here to get your 60 Minute New Year Breakthrough Strategy Session for only $19!

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  • The Why Worth Living Coaching Tool – To help you discover your true Life Purpose and Why Worth Living!
  • The Abundance Life Wheel Game – Free access play to this incredible game to help you get a snap shot picture of where you are in life!
  • Your Awaken the Wild Lion Within digital book by Scott Epp – Have the confidence to achieve anything by taking back your Roarrr!!!
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  • Access to your Life Purpose and Abundance Facebook Group for Free – So that you have an empowering and supportive place to announce your actions and wins as your journey towards achieving your life purpose goals and dreams!
  • Your Radical Goal Achieving Coaching Tool – to help you stay on track and become more radical with your monthly, yearly and life goals!
Click Here to get your 60 Minute New Year Life Purpose Strategy Session for only $19!

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